Volvo P1800 Drum Puller

A 1961 Volvo 122S closes on 2005 Lotus Exige putting the Lotus under pressure . Just hit the puller to tighten it! As the drum is pulled from the axle it


Dec 31, 2007 Today it was the Volvo's chance to fight back. I decided it was time to changed You need to use a heavy-weight puller to get the drum off…


Mar 1, 2008 "The Volvo P1800 is perhaps the only vintage car that can still be driven. Carbureted cars used front discs and rear drums, while injected cars got need a special puller, at about $100, to do any rear brake work.


Page 2- Volvo Amazon P1800 Hub Pullers Available PV, 120 (Amazon), of puller and strength of puller that will eventualy shift the drum.


My father swapped a B18B from a P1800 into his 61 122S after that oil.. wheel puller and wire chain as a drum puller, was not helpful.


Volvo 130. Only the very early 120's had drum brakes front and rear, must use brake puller made for the job–adjustable ones with legs just cannot cope.


Two-door fitted with the B18B from the P1800, 115bhp with four-speed gearbox .. Using the wrong puller can distort a drum, giving rise to vibration under


Borrowed a drum puller from a guy at work today (haven't bought one my.. Volvo (as the PV, Amazon and P1800) recommends NOTHING on the


Jun 13, 2010 Wrench opens most 2 and 3/4 drum plugs…. More >> Specs and. clutch start new cars blows computers, new volvo xc90 spy shots,


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